Are FUE Procedures Safe? It Depends on Your Doctor

The problem with online research and online hair ‘experts’ is how often misleading and false their information is. Many hair restoration practices will wax knowledgeable about the who, what, and where of proper hair transplant procedures, often urging you to contact one of their ‘hair loss specialists’ for guidance. Very often this is a rhetorical ruse, employed to give the illusion of impeccable expertise and time-honored success. The reality is much less spectacular.
Whenever you’re urged to contact a crew of hair loss specialists, beware, plurality signals a lack of expertise. The best hair care treatment you can possibly receive will come from an individualized and personalized consultation with a veteran hair transplant physician or surgeon.
For example, at Modena Hair Institute in Orange County, inquiring clients always meet with board certified physician and specialized hair restoration surgeon, Dr. Amir Yazdan, for a personal solution to their hair loss troubles. A successful FUE procedure at Modena starts with a detailed examination and technical analysis of the patient. Such important background factors as the genetic endowment of the individual, health history, and health of donor site are examined.

countess vaugn hair loss
Dr. Yazdan discusses Traction Alopecia with Countess Vaughn on The Doctor’s TV Show.

The safety of FUE transplant procedures, therefore, heavily depends on the experience and expertise of the guiding physician, their operating method, and the nature of their instrumentation. For increased precision and minimal incision marks, Dr. Yazdan will use a micropunch as small as .7mm diameter in order to extract follicular units out of the donor area and implant them into the hairline gently and with perfect artistry.
Although FUE procedures are known as the safest and least invasive of existing surgical restoration options, tragedy can strike if surgical misapplication and misjudgment caused by poor operative care occurs.
What are the risks associated with having a hair transplant operation done by unlicensed technicians, physicians assistants, or inexperienced FUE surgeons? This list covers only a few:

  • Hair loss
  • Scarring
  • Infection
  • Botched appearance
  • Wrong direction of hair growth
  • Plugged graft look
  • Unnatural looking hair

FUE hair transplantation is usually sought after for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia, also known as male pattern baldness, but can be a treatment option for many types of hair loss. Follicular unit extraction (FUE), when performed by a master physician skilled in hand-crafted precision instrumentation – not major surgical instruments or automated robots – is a completely safe and confidence-boosting procedure.
Make sure that you do your research, follow the guidelines set out above, and ask critically relevant questions of every hair restoration clinic you survey.
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