Celebrity Hair Transplant Gone Wrong – Justin Bieber

Everyone is talking about Justin Bieber’s new look, could it be the results of a hair transplant procedure? That is what we all suspect, and to the common person it may seem like it was done well. Let’s take a look at the transformation .

As you can see Bieber has a new an improved fuller and much to straight hairline. Additionally, the hairline looks unnatural and plug like which is most likely from multiple hair grafts being placed incorrectly.  When reconstructing a hairline single hair grafts should be used in the very front to keep the authenticity of his original hairline. Unfortunately for Bieber he has multiple issues from this first procedure and we are not sure he is even aware.

Learn from this very public mistake, Dr. Amir Yazdan here at Modena Hair institute practices a more conservative approach for a hair transplant procedure. He prefers to keep the patient’s original hairline as a guide rather than completely changing the way the patient looks. This produces natural and age appropriate results for our patients. Remember that the transplanted grafts are permanent. Bieber will be stuck with this insanely straight and low hairline for pretty much the rest of his life. Imagine being 50-60 years old with that hairline. Also consider the possibility of him losing some of the hair behind his new hairline, then what?

When considering a hair transplant take the time to do some meaningful research. Ask the right questions, see reputable surgeons who specialize only in hair, pay attention to whether they perform both procedures, and lastly review the information and use common sense.

Take a look at an in depth assessment with Dr. Yazdan himself here:

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