The latest fitness trends

Every year new fitness trends hit the market. From yoga to jazzercise, new ways of staying fit come and go. While some are here to stay, others don’t stick. The key is finding a method that works for you and helps you find fitness fun and efficient.
The latest fitness trends involve technology, group training, and functional fitness. To find out more about these innovative fitness methods, keep reading.
Technology. Fitness trackers have been involved in fitness for sometime now. From step trackers to heart rate monitors, technology helps us stay motivated and keep on track with our fitness goals. This trend won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.
Group training. Group fitness programs have only been increasing in occurrence over the past 10 years. And it makes sense why. Group fitness classes like SoulCycle, CrossFit, and Orangetheory are based on the premise that those who work out with the support of others are more likely to stick with a program. The longer you stick with a program the more effective it is and the more likely you are to see results.
Functional fitness. Functional fitness is about getting fit where it matters. While looking good is always nice, what’s more important is that you have strength where you need it. If you look good but can’t move your bookshelf, carry in your groceries from your car, or pull your body up out the pool, then you aren’t doing your fitness right. This type of training is meant to improve coordination, balance, and endurance. It can be incorporated in many different types of training programs (like CrossFit and HIIT) as well as injury rehabilitation.