Medical Negligence on Physicians Behalf

More and more people are falling prey to the problem of rapid hair loss. This has long drawn adverse effects like psychological problems and can lead to poor self-esteem. In case you fall in this category – we can understand how desperate or eager you may be to get the problem treated sooner rather than later by doing just about anything to have anyone fix your frazzled hair.
If you land in the hands of an experienced doctor, your hair transplant can show some impeccable results. On the flip side-landing in the hands of an uneducated inexperienced doctor, your hair transplant can show some grotesque results such as some of the ones in this article…
FUE involves randomly punching on the scalp area to extract the grafts, one by one. It is a time consuming and a lengthy procedure. Today we discovered some interesting videos via the internet of physicians putting out these ludicrous advertisements for hair transplant procedures. So, what happens if you choose the wrong hair transplant surgeon? Qualified, board-certified surgeons stress the important measures that must be taken into consideration when choosing the best doctor for you and your needs.
The fact that this doctor used a punch almost twice the size necessary is simply negligence and is certainly a violation of the standard most skilled doctors frown upon. Patients like this will come to us in order to fix the previous doctors botched work. Yes, every medical procedure has its risks. However, it’s your responsibility to do plenty of research when finding a doctor with an excellent reputation to minimize these risks and the complications that can manifest with an incompetent doctor.
At Modena we strive for the highest quality in hair transplants using punches and sites of some of the lowest sizes. As you can see in the image below, Beverly Hills hair restoration surgeon, Dr. Yazdan- creates sites and extracts hair follicles with such precision using some of the smallest punches. Additionally, Dr. Yazdan creates an artistically designed hairline that is best suited to your style.

But before you go in for a hair transplantation, it is important you check the credentials and competence of the hair transplantation surgeon. Dr. Yazdan performs all of his transplant procedures-unlike other clinics, you might see the doctor for a short period of time meanwhile technicians are doing most of the work! Dr. Yazdan also only performs 1 surgery per day, taking the time it requires for a successful and natural looking result. Don’t fall victim of a bad hair transplant- once the damage is done, it is very tricky to reverse.
More possible risks and complications include the following:

  • Infection
  • Persistent Numbness from Nerve Damage
  • Bleeding
  • Poor Growth
  • Unnatural Look/ Unnatural Hairline

With this said, most skilled hair transplant physicians will try to minimize the risk and complications, so these risks aren’t much of a factor for the qualified surgeons out there. Yet some people just want to find the cheapest or nearest hair restoration clinic or want to travel abroad for surgery due to the decrease in cost without thinking of these risks.
Any form of medical or surgical procedure entitles the patient to have full transparency coming from his or her doctor. We advise you to take the time to do your research and choose your doctor wisely. (Questions to ask at your consultation)

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