Men: here’s how to dress for work during a heat wave

If you happen to reside anywhere that gets hot, whether during the summer or a heat wave, you may struggle with how to dress for work without subjecting yourself to being drenched in sweat all day.
Obviously, shorts and a tank aren’t an option for anyone who doesn’t work at one of those trendy tech companies. So, what’s a guy to do?
Struggle no longer. We’ve got all the tips and tricks for how to keep it professional and business casual while minimizing the sweat.
Go light. Choosing light colors, such as white, tan, light grey, pastels, and so on, will help you keep cool in the heat. That’s because dark colors absorb sunlight while light colors reflect sunlight. Bonus: light colors hide sweat and sweat stains better than their dark color counterparts.
Breathe easy with cotton. Cotton is one of the most breathable materials. Other common clothing materials such as silk, twill, wool, polyester, and spandex are not so breathable and trap the heat in. Wearing these materials in hot weather will not allow your body to release heat, meaning your temperature will skyrocket. Tip: Give chinos a try. Chino pants, which are often made of cotton, are a great option in the summer heat. They can look professional or casual, and allow maximum breathability.
Lunching outside? Hats are crucial to protecting yourself from sun and heat. But, if your hat isn’t breathable, you aren’t doing yourself any favors. A light, straw, or cotton hat are your best bet.
Choose the unlined suit. If you absolutely must wear a suit to work, choose an unlined one. This will allow more heat to escape.