Men: Restore your hair – Restore your confidence

According to recent research by Psychology Today, hair loss is a major concern for the majority of men. Even though the study showed that almost 90% of women didn’t care about hair loss in men, men estimated over 50% of women wouldn’t find a balding man attractive.
This same study found that overall, men are more concerned with losing their hair than losing their sanity. Considering the seriousness of mental illness, this statement allows us to see just how important and relevant hair loss is to men today.
Most men develop their confidence and self-esteem in their early 20’s, when most men happen to still have a full head of hair. As men age and lose their hair, that confidence plummets.
The tricky thing with confidence is that its about being comfortable in your own skin. Regardless of the issue, not feeling comfortable or like yourself can wreak havoc on your self-esteem.
Our hair plays a big role in our overall appearance. If you look at two pictures of an individual one with hair and one without, they would hardly look like the same person. A full head of hair equals youth, health, and confidence.
Interestingly enough, it’s been found that just attempting to do something to resolve hair loss positively effects self-esteem and confidence.
Luckily, thanks to advancements in hair restoration, there are many options available to help men restore their hair and in turn, restore their confidence.
Here at Modena, we specialize in the medical management of hair loss, alternative methods to re-growing hair, as well as FUE and FUT/Strip methods of hair transplant surgery. If your hair loss has caused your confidence to dip, do something about it today and schedule a hair loss consultation. The road to restoring your confidence is closer than you think.