These Grooming Essentials Should be in Every Man’s Bathroom

There’s nothing ‘unmanly’ about wanting to look good. Taking care of your skin and hair is just as critical to men as it is to women. “We’re finally at an era where it’s more acceptable for men to pay attention to skin and hair care” says Southern California and Las Vegas hair restoration physician, Dr. Amir Yazdan. Keep your medicine cabinet stocked and get the latest on grooming essentials, skin care treatments for thinning hair and more here in this article.
Use moisturizer with SPF daily
Without a proper moisturizer, your skin becomes dull and dry – not to mention the discoloration due to years of sun bathing without protection on your face, leaving you with loss in elasticity and protective powers. Hot showers, harsh cleansers and heat can also play a role in dry skin. With warmer days approaching, keep your skin hydrated every day by applying a moisturizer with SPF immediately after showering and washing your face. End all goal? Restoring youthful skin to make you look younger – something most of us take for granted!
Get your hair under control
Another telltale sign of aging. When you look good – you feel good! Not only your regular haircuts keep you looking polished and feeling good, but a powerful shampoo can be worth the investment. Thinning hair and hair loss is something most men will experience at some point in their life. In order to maintain the locks you still have, using a shampoo such as Doctor Developed’s GroMD not only prevents future hair loss, but also regenerates hair growth and strengthens your existing hair making it fuller and thicker with it’s rich ingredients.
Use a teeth whitening kit
Say goodbye to stained yellow teeth and say hello to a brighter smile! Whether you make an appointment for a teeth whitening treatment with your dentist or use at-home gels, strips or mouthwashes – a brighter, whiter smile can actually make you look up to 13 years younger! Don’t take our word for it, try it yourself!
Vitamin C face serum
If you’ve ever wondered why you should invest in a vitamin C serum, wonder no further. By boosting collagen production, a concentrated topical vitamin c serum helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and much more! This powerhouse ingredient is a potent antioxidant that fights against the many signs of aging leaving your skin healthier, smoother, and younger-looking.
Kiss chapped lips goodbye
You can start by exfoliating the dead skin on your lips with an extra toothbrush. After showering (and while your lips are moist) scrub away those dried bits of skin. Follow up with a lip balm to keep those lips soft. You’ll thank us later…
Let’s face it, over half the population will experience hair loss by the age of 40 and many men can start to see the side effects of aging as early as 21. Male-pattern baldness is the most common form of hair loss affecting the self-esteem and confidence of many. Putting together a haircare regimen and using it continuously and perpetually is key. Think of your teeth – you brush them everyday in order to maintain healthy gums and teeth, right? Why should your hair be any less of importance? Minoxidil/Rogaine used in conjunction with a hair loss prevention shampoo such as GroMD works to promote circulation and blood flow in the areas attacked by the increase of DHT (the #1 culprit to hair loss). Invest in your hair – you wear it every day!
Dr. Yazdan has also had great success using PRP as a treatment option for combating hair loss and thinning in both men and women. PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma is a concentrate of a patients own blood plasma and growth factors injected into the scalp to encourage and accelerate healing. Hence why you may have heard professional athletes using PRP treatments for a speedy recovery of injuries. In-office or at home laser treatments have also showed remarkable success. Using treatments in conjunction with a hair loss prevention shampoo such as GroMD will aid in getting the best results possible.


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