Middle Easterners: How Ethnicity Plays a Role in Hair Transplants

One in every three men from Middle Eastern derivation suffers from hair loss and hair thinning making it a major concern for Middle Easterners – according to statistics from the ISHRS, leading to a huge increase in the number of hair restoration procedures performed. The term ‘Middle Eastern’ surrounds a broad range of countries including Iranian (Persian), Lebanese, Turkish, and Israeli to name a few. Although these countries are diversified, they all tend to have similar physical attributes that unify those of a Middle Eastern heritage.
Middle Eastern Hair Loss Causes:
Your genes have a major say-so in your hair growth and hair loss. Androgenic Alopecia, also known as ‘hereditary’ hair loss is the most common culprit behind premature balding and thinning. Take a look at your family members – if balding and thinning is common among them, it’s probably safe to assume you are prone to the issue as well. Environmental reasons can also affect your locks – climate and water changes can do major damage to one’s hair. Conditions such as heat and desalinated water are big contributing factors. Heat and sun exposure make the hair brittle and prone to breakage. It also contributes to faster ageing – which is also connected to hair loss.
Middle Eastern Hairline Design:
Middle Eastern hair tends to be thicker, coarser and habitually darker than what is found on someone from the West and otherwise. This commands an approach that is ethnically sensitive which will help ensure a natural-looking result in these difficult cases. In addition, the hairline design must be fashioned with a cultural sensitive technique. Beverly Hills & Orange County Hair Restoration surgeon, Dr. Yazdan performs both artistically and technically precise surgical methods to specifically address Middle Eastern patients. However, no matter what the variables, Dr. Yazdan’s skillset includes designing hairlines that naturally fit each patient’s age, gender, stage of hair loss, head shape and facial features, in addition to their ethnicity in order to create aesthetically pleasing results!
Hair Transplant Method for Middle Easterners:
There are two methods used to perform ethnic hair transplants. In the FUT/Strip technique, Dr. Yazdan excises a thin strip of tissue from the back of the scalp and the tissue is then dissected under a microscope. The dissected grafts are now ready for transplantation. In an FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant procedure, Dr. Yazdan uses some of the smallest punch sizes to harvest each graft individually from the back of the scalp. In terms of the two procedures, the grafting transplantation process is the same – it’s how the grafts are obtained that makes them different. Dr. Yazdan is skilled in the traditional FUT/Strip method as well as the modern FUE approach.

Is Scarring Likely in Middle Eastern Hair Transplants:
Scarring or keloid scarring tends to be more prevalent in African Americans and Asians rather than patients from Middle Eastern descent. Although the traditional FUT/Strip method leaves a linear scar at the donor site – most Middle Easterners fashion their hair long enough to where the scar goes undetected. In recent years, FUE has become the modern approach to hair transplants as it has significant advantages including minimal scarring at the donor site.
Hair Transplant Recovery for Middle Easterners:
Recovery following an ethnic hair transplant is no different than that following any other type of hair restoration surgery. Most patients can return to usual activities within 24 hours, although strenuous activity should be avoided for about a week to avoid any potential injury or increase the risk of bleeding. Most patients choose to take a few days off following surgery to fully recover, but it is not a requirement to do so.
Cost of a Middle Eastern Hair Transplant:
The cost of an ethnic hair transplant will vary from patient to patient, based on several factors. These factors include the extent of hair loss, coverage area, hair density and other variables that may affect the number of grafts required as well as the method(s) used during the procedure. During an initial consultation with Dr. Yazdan, he will assess your hair transplant needs and will provide you with detailed information regarding how much your ethnic hair transplant costs based on your unique needs. The cost of a hair transplant is not specifically affected by differences in ethnicity, but rather by a selection of variables deemed necessary to meet your specific hair restoration needs.
Middle Eastern Hair Restoration in Southern California, Las Vegas & Worldwide
Although Dr. Amir Yazdan performs ethnic hair transplants in Southern California and Las Vegas, his exceptional reputation, especially as it relates to ethnic hair restoration, draws patients from around the world. For patients traveling to California for hair transplants, Dr. Yazdan offers a concierge service to help with travel and lodging accommodations.
Modena Hair Restoration Can Help You Find a Permanent Solution to Hair Thinning & Balding Concerns:
A reliable hair transplant surgeon should have the good call for judgment and sensitivity to the patient’s ethnicity. Training and skill are also key aspects for a hair transplant surgery to be successful for each patient coming from different ethnic backgrounds and Dr. Yazdan specializes in these unique hair restoration procedures.
Dr. Yazdan personally performs each ethnic hair transplant in Beverly Hills, Orange County and Las Vegas surgical clinics at his surgical center, utilizing a dedicated team throughout the entire process. He is involved in every aspect of the procedure in order to ensure the best possible ethnic hair restoration outcome and is committed to performing only one surgery per day in order to provide patients with the undivided attention they deserve.
By knowing what is needed to create natural results for patients of each ethnic type, Dr. Yazdan provides the most aesthetically pleasing results to coincide with each patient’s unique characteristics.

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