Red Flags on Misleading/Unwarranted Information Regarding Hair Restoration Surgery

At Modena Hair Restoration, we understand the importance of hair loss sufferers being informed about hair loss and hair thinning and it’s causes, hair restoration procedures, and scientifically proven therapies to prevent and even stop your scalp from shedding too much hair. But what about precautions and red flags to look out for regarding physicians and the performance of FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT/Strip surgery procedures? With the incline in botched hair restoration surgeries and bad outcomes, we recognize many patients are being misguided by inaccurate or confusing messages and advertisements.
The lists below were developed to inform and protect patients seeking hair restorations surgeries and treatments by interpreting essential components that should raise red flags and should not be taken lightly. This also helps the ISHRS members from using prohibited, inaccurate, perplex and misguided information.
The following phrases are misleading marketing and advertisement tactics by Dermatologists and Hair Restoration physicians deceiving the public:

      • “Scarless surgery”
      • “Non-invasive”
      • “No incision”
      • “Cloning”
      • “No cutting”
      • “No touch”
      • “Pain free”
      • “Eliminates the need for additional surgeries”
      • “Hair multiplication”

The following are a misrepresentation of credentials & violating property rights:
Imprecise Credentials – Incorrectly claiming to be a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS).
Misrepresenting Photographs – Publishing photographs of other doctors’ patients in any form that suggests they are patients of the publishing practice.
Copyright and Trademark Violations – Republishing of the photographs, trade names, logos, publications, and trademarks of another surgeon or practitioner without concession is violating the owner’s copyrights and/or trademarks.
ISHRS Trademark Violation – The use of ISHRS members logo by anyone other than full members are in violation with the ISHRS’s Trademark Use Policy.

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