How often should you cut your hair

Many individuals wonder exactly how far they should go in between haircuts. While it may be easy for men to determine when they need a cut (shorter hair shows unruliness quicker), it’s not as easy for women or those with longer hair. And while men may be able to slip quickly into the barber shop, women often need to know far in advance (before they need the cut) in order to get booked with their stylist. So, how do you determine how often should you cut your hair?
If you ask your stylist, they’ll likely say ‘it depends.’ While this is true information, it doesn’t do much in the way of helping you pre-book an appointment. What ‘it depends’ on is hair goals, length of hair, hair growth rate, and health of hair. Typical time in between cuts ranges from 4-16 weeks. Below we break down some of the factors that influence time between cuts so you can determine the best frequency for you.
Hair goals – if your goal is to grow your hair, you’ll want to go longer in between cuts. This will allow your hair more time to grow in between cuts. But don’t neglect the cuts completely! Your hair needs to be in prime health to grow as it should.
Hair growth – if your hair grows quickly, you’ll need to get it cut more often. If it grows slowly, you can get away with more time in between cuts. Get to know your hair and experiment with different times in between cuts to determine the best for you.
Hair health – if you’re in the process of bringing your damaged hair back to life, you’ll need cuts more often. Its imperative for you to keep those dead and damaged ends to a minimum, as leaving them can spread them up the hair strand. Utilize conditioning treatments in between cuts to help keep your hair in prime health.