The one hairstyle that works for every man

It can be difficult to find the best hairstyle that fits your style, face shape, hair type and hair line. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was one hairstyle that looked good on every man?
According to barbers, there is! It turns out the military may be on to something. You know the infamous military-style cut, also referred to as a high and tight? Barbers say when done right, this cut looks good on just about everyone.
But, if you’re not feeling the clean, military look, you should consult a barber you trust. Barbers specialize in one thing – hair. So, they’re familiar with what cuts and styles work best for different faces, hair types, hair lines, and even hair loss.
If you happen to be experiencing hair loss, don’t fret! You’ve come to the right place. Find a list of specific cuts that work well for you here.
Looking to stay trendy? Talk to your barber and see what they predict the next “it” hair style for men will be. Our prediction? Men have been rocking the unkempt look for quite a while now. From man buns to bushy beards, I think it’s safe to say, we’re ready for a change. We suspect clean cuts to be making a comeback any day now. Get ahead of the trend and impress all your friends.
Have a different prediction? Let us know in the comments!