Press release: botched hair transplant surgeries on the rise

As medical science continues to advance, hair transplants become increasingly common. Unfortunately, so has the occurrence of botched hair transplant surgeries.
A botched hair transplant refers to a hair transplant gone wrong. Often times, patients that are victims of botched hair transplant surgeries look worse off after the surgery than they did before the surgery.
Botched hair transplants come in many different forms. It can be a bad FUT/Strip scar that has scar tissue that is highly visible, noticeable scarring in the extraction or recipient areas, or a minimal to non-existent graft survival rate.
According to hair restoration surgeon Dr. Amir Yazdan, this rise in botched hair transplant surgeries has increased dramatically in recent years. He states that when he first began transplanting hair about 10 years ago, fixing botched hair transplants made up an extremely small sample of his patients. Now, resolving botched cases accounts for almost half of his active surgery patients.
Botched hair transplants have damaging and lasting effects. Not only do they cause patients to spend double or triple what they would have if their first surgery was successful to fix their hair, but the valuable donor area of the scalp can be permanently damaged. This damage means that even a corrective surgery may not be possible.
So how do you make sure you’re not the next victim of a botched hair transplant surgery? Dr. Amir Yazdan says “research, research, research. An experienced hair transplant surgeon will have plenty of positive reviews, before and after photos, and won’t shy away from any questions.”
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