5 Months after an FUE and I see very little hair growth. Did it fail?

hair growth after FUE
Name: Collin
Question: At the beginning of May this year I underwent an FUE procedure involving roughly 1600 implanted grafts. I was told by my doctor that full results don’t appear until well into the 12-month mark, but I’m barely able to see any growth now, at the 5-month mark. Should I not at least see half the growth since I’m at the halfway mark? Compared to other hair transplant testimonials, mine looks very unpromising at this point. Did my scalp just not accept the implanted grafts? Any help is appreciated, thank you.
Answer: There is no need to panic, although most patients will see about 50% growth after 6-7 months, we’ve treated patients who take up to 8-9 months or more to show real signs of hair growth. Each hair has its own unique cycle of growth, and depending on the timing and state of the cycle, it will take more or less time to grow in.
It is usually the case that around month three, patients will see the first signs of hair growth, although much of the area may still appear thin. Around month six is when a fuller follicular picture can be seen, and the transplanted grafts will begin to mature. Some patients do experience delayed growth, and this is need not be due to any shock loss or surgical mishandling.
Every patient has different experiences and reactions to surgical procedures, as all hair and skin types vary, but there is typically more than 10% growth at the 5 months mark. We highly recommend that you be patient and wait another three or four months to watch the growth patterns. If no more growth is forthcoming in those months then we recommend that you consult with a board-certified hair restoration surgeon (preferably the one who performed your procedure) and have them monitor your follicular progress.

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