Why is PRP therapy so expensive?

The price of PRP treatments varies widely from office to office. Multiple factors can affect the price such as the components in the serum and the method in which the plasma is extracted.
Components are composed of added nutrients that increase collagen regeneration and other healing factors, aiding in hair regrowth. These components are added at the doctor’s discretion and have varying price ranges.
There are many ‘kits’ that can be used in the extraction and processing phase. These kits have varying tube sizes and routes of extraction, as well as centrifuges (machines that spin the plasma and separate the healing factors). The kits and centrifuges vary greatly in price and are rather expensive for good quality. While cost and quality is usually correlated, the pricing is ultimately up to the manufacturer. Until PRP treatments become more popular, the manufacturers will have ultimate say over the price.
While both components and kits determine the price of PRP, the doctors’ time and expertise typically account for the biggest fraction of the price. There are some procedures that involve little physician time and are relatively easy skill-wise; PRP is not one of these procedures. PRP therapy requires extensive expertise and time. The doctor has to utilize a concise method in order to ensure result which requires him to spend a lot of one on one time with the patient. With any procedure requiring constant physician time and skill, the price is likely to be higher.
If there is a drastically lower price (outside of specials) for a PRP treatment compared to that of similar establishments in your area, you should be being cautious of doctors cutting corners. If the price is lower, they may be going with lower quality components and equipment or outsourcing their time and expertise to technicians.
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