Oils and Rogaine Are No Replacement for Hair Transplantation

Perhaps you’ve heard about the benefits of applying moisturizing oils to your scalp in an effort to stop, reverse or prevent baldness? Now, it does seems like there could be something here, afterall we all know that clean and hydrated hair is healthy hair. Does this old folk remedy have any real efficacy and if not, what solutions are known to effectively treat hair loss? 

Olive oil has been a staple of hair care since antiquity and a recent study has provided some intriguing support for its role in promoting healthy hair growth. The Department of Food and Nutrition at Yonsei University, South Korea, identified oleuropein as the hair-stimulating compound in olive oil. The topical application of olive oil (on rodent test subjects) did result in an increased rate of hair growth and follicle size.

Now, what does this mean for somone worried about a receding hairline?

As nice as it would be to simply be able to rub some oil onto your scalp and then suddenly regrow a full and youthful head of hair- things don’t quite work that way. 

Technically speaking – It is certainly true that the application of topical oils may aid in improving the appearance of existing hair, however Androgenic Alopecia or Male Pattern Baldness (the most common cause of hair loss in men) is a genetic condition. 

Applying salad dressing to your head is never going to rewrite your DNA. As a genetic condition Androgenic alopecia triggers bodily processes that progressive hair thinning and loss often culminating, in its final stages, in a large ‘horseshoe pattern’ ring of hair fringing an otherwise bald scalp. 

On the subject of topically applied remedies – Rogaine foam, and other Minoxidil derivatives have been demonstrated in laboratory tests to be not only ineffective, but counterproductive in addressing hair loss. The use of various inactive ingredients such as preservatives, binding agents, texturisers, colors and scents also lead to many of these ‘wonder products’ unfortunate side effects such as itchy scalp, irritation, and aggravated hair loss to name some of the more common. 

Moisturizing oils and Rogaine foam simply can not match the effectiveness, comprehensiveness and permanency of a hair transplant.

A hair transplant may seem more intimidating than the ease of treatment offered by a topically applied remedy, but, as the old adage goes – you get what you pay for. Investment in a quality hair transplant is never wasted and the results are yours for life. 

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