FUT/Strip Scar Repair – Case Study

Our patient came to us expressing that he was unhappy with the results of a previous Strip/FUT procedure done at another clinic. Not only did he get less than satisfying results from the transplant, he also was left with a scar that was visible because he wore his hair on the shorter side. He expressed he was told from the previous clinic that the scar would not be very noticeable no matter at what length he chose to wear his hair.  Here at Modena Hair Institute we advise patients who are considering the Strip/FUT method that their hair should be kept at a 3 clip or longer for the scar to not be noticeable.

To help improve the appearance of this scar Dr. Amir Yazdan recommended using a combination or scalp and beard hair as donor areas to improve the appearance of the scar while also adding density and correcting his hairline.  After 1.5 years from his scar repair surgery our patient can now wear his hair at his preferred length and hairstyle with his previous scar being hidden. While many patients worry that beard hair won’t blend in with scalp hair you can see from the photo that the different types of hair blend seamlessly.

It is worth noting that scar tissue is not necessarily healthy tissue due to a decrease in vasculature or blood supply. Transplanting into scar tissue can help promote vascularity which improves the tissue and makes it more viable.  After assessing this patient’s full results he shared that his scar was less red and raised which is a common benefit we see at our clinic after a scar repair procedure by Dr. Yazdan.

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