How to shave your head properly

Many men who experience hair loss decide to cut their losses and go for a complete shaved head. This allows them to maintain a clean look without dealing with bald spots and the worry of what continued and future hair loss will look like.
If you’ve found yourself on this page, you’re likely going through the same thing. Whether you’re ready for a shaved head, or are still exploring your hair restoration or transplant options, we’ve got you covered.
The first thing you should know is that there’s a right way and a wrong way to shave your head. Do it right, and you’ve got a clean, easily-maintainable look. Do it wrong, and you’ve got a messy situation.
The right way:
Trim your hair first. It’ll be much easier to shave your head once you’ve got the hair to a manageable length. Get it as short as you can with clippers, then proceed to the wet shave.
Wash your hair with hot water and soap. This will soften the hair, making it easier (and more comfortable) to shave.
Use your favorite shaving cream. It can be the foam type or lotion type, which ever your prefer. Make sure to cover the scalp completely. This will allow a smoother glide of the razor, allowing you to get all the hairs and reducing the chance of nicks.
Use long strokes. This is how you prevent patchy or uneven spots. Make sure to go around the ears a few times, carefully. This area can be tricky even for the most-experienced head shaver.
Rinse and touch up! Rinse off the shaving cream and excess hair. Feel around and use a mirror to observe any fuzzy patches left behind.
The wrong way:
Going in cold turkey. Skipping the prep step could leave you with patchy, uneven hair that actually hurt you during the process. Trimming and showering in hot water allow you to get closer to scalp with less pain. Take your time and you’ll be glad you did.
Skip the hand mirror. Some people like to use a hand mirror to see the back of the scalp while shaving. Most likely this will confuse you (image appears reversed) and could lead to more damage.
Ingrown hairs are a pain. Use a hot towel draped over the head post-shave to prevent ingrown.
Don’t forget the sunblock and hat. Now that you’ve got added surface area on your head, you want to protect it. Scalp sunburns hurt real bad so make sure to always have sun block and a hat on stand-by. Added bonus – the hat doubles as added insulation once the sun drops.