HELP! Hair Loss AFTER a Hair Transplant?

Some hair loss after a hair transplant may sound like a contradiction but no need to worry- it is rare, yet perfectly normal if this happens to you. In terms of hair restoration, shock loss is the shedding of non-transplanted hair and is usually just temporary.
When hairs are moved from the back of the scalp (donor site) into the front of the scalp (recipient site), a proportion of the existing hairs may shed. This phenomenon is called shock hair loss. Shock loss is the loss of non-transplanted hairs after a hair transplant procedure. It most commonly occurs at the recipient areas but can also occur at the donor sites in some patients regardless of the hair transplant method-whether it be an FUE hair transplant or the traditional FUT/Strip method. The good news is… fortunately, shock loss is rare and is almost always temporary with return of the new hair.
The exact cause of shock loss is unknown but there are two main culprits. One is thought to be due to trauma of the scalp. The action of the surgery tools could have something to do with it, especially when trying to transplant amongst hairs where there aren’t sufficient gaps (i.e. the hair loss isn’t relatively bad enough).
The second reason this happens is possibly due to loss of blood flow to the area or the body’s inflammatory reaction to the surgery. Our body views a surgical operation as trauma and tries to repair the damage by attracting various cells and factors to the region, which consequently could affect the existing weaker hairs.
It is important to note that hair shedding after a hair transplant is a normal occurrence and is the body’s way of responding to the trauma it received during the hair transplant procedure. One of best ways to prevent this from happening is by going under finasteride treatment and a hair loss prevention regimen. (Lowering your DHT levels)
Here at Modena, we may recommend a hair maintenance regimen prior to having a hair transplant surgery as this has the potential to reduce the effect of potential shock loss. Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Yazdan, has a proprietary countermeasure that he instills prior to beginning surgery which minimizes shock loss and the risk associated with trauma to the scalp. It is always important to follow your doctor’s pre-op and post-op instructions carefully. Medical management is highly advised and will improve your end results dramatically.

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