Smoking and hair loss

A new study claims that smoking can cause hair loss. While many have heard of the health dangers of smoking, many may not know about the link between smoking and hair loss.
Serious diseases and medical conditions such as cancer and heart disease are shown to be caused by tobacco use. New studies reported in the BMJ Journal have shown you can add hair loss to that list.
The many toxins in cigarettes are believed to be partly to blame. These toxins harm follicles, cause premature graying, and accelerate hair loss. This exact cause is believed to be due to the toxins’ damaging effect on hormones key to the production and health of your hair.
The reduction in healthy blood circulation is also to blame. Blood carries all of the nutrients your body needs. It transports nutrients to extremities and organs. When you smoke, your blood does not circulate as efficiently. This means extremities and organs don’t get the full nutrients they need. Scalp and hair follicles included.
While more research needs to be done, it’s clear that smoking isn’t good for your hair. In a study which evaluated hair health in smokers and nonsmokers, smokers reported having more thinning, graying, and hair loss than the nonsmokers did.
If you didn’t have enough reasons to put down the smokes, consider doing it for the health of your hair. For both men and women, healthy hair means higher self-confidence and a more youthful appearance.
If you’re wondering if smoking may be causing your hair loss, you should meet with an experienced and certified hair restoration surgeon. They can help you determine the cause of your hair loss through a comprehensive scalp analysis and biopsy.
The most important take-away: you have options. Give us a call today for a hair loss consultation.