Why Does Hair Loss Develop in the Spring and What Can You do to Prevent it?

With spring in full effect, not only are the flowers waking up for new life but so is your hair. The life cycle of the cells changes which leads to their accelerated revival! Consequently, the skin begins to peel, and hair loss occurs. Don’t worry – there is nothing wrong with you, this is just a natural occurrence. With that said, are there ways to prevent losing those luscious locks before summer? Yes!
Spring hair loss is habitual and part of the development of the hair follicles and generally ceases within 5-7 weeks. The follicle of each individual hair goes through 3 phases in their life cycle. Anagen (active growth phase), Catagen (transitional phase), and Telogen (resting phase). In the Telogen phase, the hair shaft breaks off while the follicle remains in the resting state from anywhere between 2 and 12 months, it then ‘wakes up’ and the cycle starts all over. Here are some common culprits that play a role in your hair loss during the spring season.
Climate Conditions:
According to research, the major cause of hair loss in spring is due to climate conditions, which affect your hormonal imbalance in the body which in turn affects the stages of hair growth. Under the monopoly of elevated temperatures and sun, this increases the number of hair follicles in the resting phase.
Clogged Pores Affect the Scalp:
Clogged pores aren’t only a headache for your face – another common reason for accelerated hair loss during the spring season is due to clogged pores on the scalp. This is caused by perspiration under the influence of increasing temperatures outdoors. The passage of moisture and nutrients to the root is blocked, thus, the hair detaches preventing natural hair growth to occur.
Sun Exposure:
Excessive exposure to sun or even the rain can also contribute to hair loss in the spring, especially if your hair is thin, damaged and exhausted. The UV rays adversely affect the surface of the scalp penetrating deeply, damaging the DNA of your cells. On another hand, raindrops actually transfer dirt from the air to the hair and actually ‘wash’ the essential nutrients that are important to your hairs health.
How to Manage Your Hair Loss in the Spring:
It’s important to remember that the change of the seasons is stressful and taxing on the body by itself which inevitably can affect your physical appearance. Particularly, it is very crucial to take preventive measures against your hair loss. The best way to do so according to research, is to include a specialized range of treatments and/or preventives better known as a hair care regimen.
At Modena Hair Restoration, Southern California and Las Vegas Hair Restoration specialist, Dr. Yazdan, would recommend a hair maintenance regimen or ‘medical management’ program for you to follow perpetually. A proper hair care regimen for most hair loss sufferers is similar to the care of your teeth – you maintain them every day to keep your dentist away!
It is highly recommended to use a shampoo such as GroMD that contains powerful stimulating and strengthening ingredients that reinforce the collagen bonds in the root, strengthen the hair fibers, meanwhile improving the blood circulation – the necessary conditions for healthy hair. PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma and Laser Hair Therapy are advanced treatment options that have showed great benefits in the reproduction of hair growth for our patients at Modena. One of the ‘advantages’ of seasonal hair loss is that it spreads uniformly over the entire head, and not just locally.  So, don’t worry unnecessarily. Exhale the stress, get the right hair care products and treatments and enjoy the spring!


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