Case Study – Logan Jillkes

successful hair transplant
The Procedure
An overseas follicular unit transplant (FUT) procedure left Logan with a ‘pluggy’ hairline and a visible scar from temple to temple, so Dr. Yazdan performed a follicular unit strip method, in which hair follicles are taken from a non-balding area of the scalp and then transplanted into the thinning spots. Logan had a second procedure 11 months later to add density and further cover other thinning areas. The surgeries covered Logan’s scar and moved his temple hairline forward two inches.
An Interview with Logan
One of the most athletic and resiliently hardworking professionals we’ve ever met, Logan leads an intense life of structural engineering by day and personal training by night. It’s hard to think of someone who has higher stores of energy than Logan, and his goals and achievements are staggering to behold. Yet for all of his natural talents and energy, Logan has confessed the importance of hair restoration to his overall confidence and success.
Without the work of Dr. Amir Yazdan and Modena Hair Institute, Logan says, “I’d never have the confidence to stand up and do those presentations and solicit the sponsors I need to achieve the career progress I seek.” When Logan began to research hair restoration surgery at the age of 32, he already had a deeply receding hairline. Very unfortunately, Logan’s first foray into the world of hair transplant surgery got him caught in a seductive web of glittering and unreal promises from unspecialized and untrained clinics overseas. His first FUT procedure left him with a large unflattering scar on the back of his head, as well as a pluggy look on his frontal hairline. As we’ve cautioned many times before, when potential patients are researching about hair transplantation, they should not be concerned with price. An exceptional hair transplant which leaves the patient transformed and renewed with authentic confidence is truly priceless. Moreover, most top tier hair transplant clinics today – including Modena Hair Institute – offer extremely afford payment plans.
Unhappy with the scar and his final look, Logan consulted a cosmetic surgeon, who recommended he see Dr. Yazdan at Modena Hair Institute. From the start, Logan says, “I was very comfortable” with the center and Dr. Yazdan. “I didn’t even try to look for a second opinion, I was confident with Dr. Yazdan’s methods and expertise from the first meeting.” Modena Hair Institute not only offered Logan the medical expertise he sought, but also the friendly instruction and personal guidance often lacking in health care. “We all have the right to expect empathetic and welcoming care, but we don’t always get that. But at Modena Hair Institute, the entire process and staff was congenial from the start. Everybody uniformly has been so awesome to me.” Logan credits Modena Hair Institute and Dr. Yazdan with restoring the youthful hairline and natural luster of his appearance. “I’ve had to deconstruct a lot of barriers during this process,” he says. “Overcoming social stigma and pressures from others can be grueling. Hair restoration might seem small in comparison to elite personal training, but it means everything to me in terms of my confidence. And I wouldn’t go anywhere else for hair transplantation.”
Ask the Doctor
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