Could a sugar addiction be making you feel icky?

Did you know studies show sugar is more addictive than heroine? How can that be possible?
Sugar is one of the most widely consumed products in America. And it’s no wonder – it’s in everything! Don’t believe us? Check the nutrition labels of your favorite snacks and condiments.
To make matters worse, every time you consume a sugar-filled product, you feed the habit, making you crave sugar even more.
And you can thank your brain and gut for caving into those cravings. Over time, you become dependent on sugar. This means that if you try to refrain from it (like when you go on a diet) your body freaks out, sending cravings out of control and making you feel icky.
So how can you detox from sugar without feeling like you’re dying?
It starts in your gut. The bacteria in your gut is used to feeding and thriving on sugar. When you take this away from them they can get quite awry, making you feel bad and sending SOS craving signals to your brain.
To overcome this, you need to reset the bacteria in your gut and feed them healthy things. To do this, you should focus on 3 things: probiotics, high fiber-low carb-low sugar, and intermittent fasting.
Probiotics are a great way to reset your gut. They channel good, healthy bacteria in, pushing the bad ones out.
Eating foods high in fiber and low in sugar in carbs will ensure these newly replenished good bacteria stay nourished and feeling good. When your gut feels good, your brain feels good!
Lastly, intermittent fasting (eating all of your meals within an 8 hour window) will allow your gut to heal and reset. Good bacteria will be able to thrive and the bad bacteria will starve. Within 4 weeks, your sweet tooth should be cured!