The Gold Standard of Hair Transplantation: FUE

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An FUE hair transplant is, on average, the most effective, safe and aesthetically mature transplant option for patients suffering from hair loss. The great caveat to this opening claim, however, is that the surgeon’s skill, expertise and clinical team must be operating at the highest technical and artistic level to achieve the right outcome. A great double-edged sword for patients who rush into an FUE procedure with practitioners who lack the necessary experience and requisite skill, FUE hair transplants have a higher margin of error than FUT procedures (which removes an entire strip of the scalp as opposed to individual follicular grafts), because of the great technical demands involved.
An aesthetically and technically successful FUE transplant requires extreme hand-eye coordination, artistic finesse, calculated endurance and years of specialized experience.
Advancements in FUE technology has ushered the hair transplant industry into a golden era. The best FUE surgeons today will confine themselves to surgical punches of minimal diameter size to maximize precision and exactness, and so that each graft is transplanted at the exact right angle, depth and location.
At Modena Hair Institute, Dr. Yazdan utilizes an extremely fine 0.7mm punch for all extractions. This not only reduces the risk for scarring, but reduces the risk of shock loss in surrounding follicles. Once the follicular units have been isolated and the incision made, the extracted hair is inspected closely and prepared for placement, utilizing only the healthiest, most optimal hairs.
The premier advantage of FUE over FUT procedures, besides it’s exactness and finesse, is its virtually scar-less and painless nature. The entire transplanting process is minimally invasive and virtually pain free. Patients should experience little to no discomfort on the scalp or forehead, and downtime is highly negligible, lasting only a day or two. The absence of visible scarring allows patients to return to wearing their hair as they’d like, and because the incisions are so small, the donor areas on the scalp will heal quickly and appear almost as normal as their pre-op selves.
Bringing to life a patient’s desired hairline requires an experienced and talented FUE surgeon with great artistic understanding of individual hair growth patterns and follicle distribution. So above all else, consider testimonials and clear before-after photos to assess the surgeon’s design capabilities, and not merely their promised projections.

Dr. Amir Yazdan, MD, is an internationally renowned hair transplant surgeon, expert guest on Dr. Phil and The Doctors, creator of the GroMD hair restoration product line, ISHRS member, accredited member of the IAHRS and a visceral advocate for patient care. Learn more about Dr. Yazdan or read rave reviews from his patients.