Am I Too Young for a Hair Transplant?

There are some young men out there that unfortunately picked up the hereditary “gene” of hair loss at quite a young age, this is called genetic male patterned hair loss or baldness. Early ages of balding can leave you feeling uncertain and anxious about the next steps to follow in restoring your hair. Yet, some young men are a little embarrassed and apprehensive to discuss these types of questions with their doctor. We’re here to help answer these questions for you..
The short answer?
Your top surgeons will warn you about getting a hair transplant too young. Trust us, there’s imperative precautions in ‘jumping the gun’ on a FUE or Strip hair transplant procedure, rather using an alternative such as medical management to start out with.
Many experienced surgeons will tell you to at least wait till your mid-twenties before going under the knife in hair restoration surgery. For example, in your early twenties, it’s still too early to predict the pattern of your future hair loss, potentially making the chances of your surgery an unnatural and unsatisfactory outcome in the coming years as your head naturally continues to thin out or bald. FUE and Strip hair transplant specialist, Dr. Yazdan suggests being at least 28-30 before considering a surgery as your future hair loss pattern is still uncertain. Thus, making the potential need for future transplant sessions highly inevitable.
“In order to achieve the most highly desired results for my patients, we need to closely examine their history, and future expectations. We need to also closely focus on their donor and recipient areas, counting the number of donor hairs the patient has while determining any existing hair growth trends and foreseeing any future problem areas,” says Yazdan.
Dr. Yazdan highly recommends meeting with a hair loss specialist to discuss if medical management is right for you before moving forward with a transplant surgery.
But don’t get discouraged! Medical management can certainly help in preventing any future hair loss including using a medication called finasteride. Finasteride is a medication to treat scalp hair loss in men and is a DHT blocker. Decreasing the amount of DHT leads to increased hair regrowth and slows down the hair loss problem. This is a great first step in becoming a better, more enhanced YOU.
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