35 yr old African American female FUT – 1 year results

A new entry has just been added to Modena’s female hair loss success stories!

Diagnosis: FUT transplant – Age: 35 – Sex: Female – Grafts: 2,371

Here are the beautiful results of Dr. Yazdan’s work on a patient suffering from Traction Alopecia. Excessive strain on the hair follicles caused by tight ponytails or braids may lead to a form of non-genetic hair loss known as Traction Alopecia. Dr. Yazdan’s time-honed skill and consummate craftsmanship was more than up to the challenge of beautifully restoring this patient’s hairline.

As can be seen for these remarkable photos displaying the results one year after surgery. The patient, a 35 year old African American female, received 2,371 FUT grafts. Dr. Yazdan focused on filling in thinning areas and bringing the hairline forward resulting in improved upper facial aesthetics and another satisfied patient.