Is a vitamin deficiency causing your hair loss?

According to recent research, a vitamin deficiency could be causing your hair loss. Researchers found that individuals who are experiencing low levels of iron and vitamin D are also experiencing hair loss.
And the connection is stronger than just correlation. As iron and vitamin D levels dropped – the individuals’ hair loss got worse.
The link between vitamin D and hair loss is still being investigated. Some doctors believe vitamin D may help regulate normal hair follicle growth. As far as iron goes, our bodies crave this nutrient for proper body function. Low levels of iron are believed to inhibit essential enzyme function which in turn may inhibit hair growth.
How do you know if low iron or low vitamin D is causing your hair loss? You should visit your doctor and request a blood draw testing for iron and vitamin D. A simple lab analysis will let you know if you’re low or not.
Think you may be low in iron or vitamin D? A combination of a healthy diet and vitamin supplements can help you reach your goal. Men should aim for approximately 10 mg of iron per day, while women should aim for 15 mg. As far as how much vitamin D to get – well, this depends on your general sun exposure throughout the year. Generally, anywhere from 400-4000 IU’s per day is considered normal.