Public Education Warning: Unlicensed Practitioners Illegally Performing Hair Transplants

While we are already aware that this is, and has been happening since the beginning of hair transplants, we continue to hear of more hair restoration surgery patients being operated on and harmed by non-licensed doctors. Prevention of this happening to you or someone you know is paramount and needs to be taken very seriously.
The good news is some governments and regulators are starting to take action to curb this potentially dangerous paradigm. Now occurring in some countries, prosecution is taking place for unlicensed practice of medicine by “non-doctors” which we are very pleased to see.
The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, also known as ISHRS is the most reliable source for bona fide information and material in the world. They are known to be the global and leading Hair Restoration Surgery society, and in effort to unify the field, in 2003 the ISHRS Board of Governors approved the formation of an ISHRS “Global Council of Hair Restoration Surgery Societies.” The ISHRS has issued what are believed to be the best practices in hair restoration surgery. They have made their best efforts in educating its members and the public on the dangers posed by physician delegation to non-licensed personnel and that this dangerous risk may constitute as practicing medicine without a license under relevant laws.
ISHRS has come out to say that their efforts to educate the public on the serious nature of non-physicians performing hair transplants has gone unaccepted in some countries and some organizations have gone as far as opposing the ISHRS’s efforts of education. Why would some of these ‘organizations’ not be in favor of the warnings? Because some ‘organizers’ of these meetings are themselves inappropriately delegating hair transplant surgeries to their technicians!
Furthermore, new counterfeit societies are taking form, that are NOT bona fide non-profit groups, but rather corporate entities disguised as non-profits which is completely deceptive to patients and meeting attendees. We can’t stress enough how harmful and damaging it is to these patients and new physicians in the hair restoration industry to be getting a narrow, skewed perspective without full acknowledgment and understanding. It’s very unfortunate that these attendees do not realize the information being taught to them is not extensive, nor thorough enough. We’ve heard often times at these meetings that the content being provided only presents an extremely limited viewpoint and technique so when attendees walk away, they think they’re a book of hair restoration knowledge, but in fact, are walking away being ill-informed with incomplete information. In addition, you should always look out for places that say “scarless surgery,” “no incision,” or “pain free” as these terms can often be misleading and are considered Fake News.
Dr. Yazdan has been a longstanding member and educational speaker for the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery and highly recommends that newer physicians do their due diligence when selecting which hair restoration surgery meetings to attend and speak at.
The ISHRS along with Dr. Yazdan are proud supporters of hair restoration surgery meetings of member societies of the Global Council of Hair Restoration Surgery Societies. (

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