FUE vs FUT Hair Transplant Procedures – What’s the Difference?

Many patients are confused by the various hair transplant techniques and who is a good candidate for which procedure.
Orange County hair transplant surgeon Dr. Amir Yazdan explains who is the best candidate for FUE vs FUT. Although there are many specific reasons a patient will have one procedure versus another the decision is typically based on two criteria.
A patient who is best qualified for follicular unit extraction (FUE) #1 wants to keep their hair very short in the back and doesn’t want even a very thin scar to be visible and #2 needs usually 2000 grafts or less.
A patient that typically has strip FUT hair transplantation #1 does not keep his/her hair short in the back and #2 needs more than 2000 hair grafts in a single session.
In Dr. Yazdan’s Orange County and Las Vegas offices he will review all options including medical treatments during your consultation and together you will make a decision based on multiple factors prior to hair transplant surgery.