Are women good candidates for hair transplant surgery?

Women can experience hair loss similar to men. It is often genetic and known as female pattern baldness or FPB. This often occurs during hormonal changes, like during menopause.
The difference between male and female hair loss is that women’s hair loss appears differently. Men often experience receding hair lines and balding of the crown. Women often experience diffuse thinning, meaning, the hair becomes very thin throughout the entire scalp. This can make it difficult to transplant hair follicles. If all the hair follicles (including in the donor area) are thinning and becoming weak, they are not going to be strong enough to sustain transplantation.
There is another type of hair loss that women commonly experience. It is known as traction alopecia. This is a fancy term to describe hair loss as a result of tension. This tension can be caused by braids, weaves, and hair ties. The constant tension created by pulling on the hair causes strong new hairs to not grow back. Unfortunately, this damage is permanent. But the good news is, hair transplant surgeries are effective on this type of hair loss.
If you are a woman experiencing diffuse thinning hair loss, you may not be the best candidate for surgery. Thankfully, here at Modena Hair Center, Dr. Yazdan is skilled in utilizing alternative methods of hair growth, specifically for women experiencing hair loss. We have seen fantastic results with PRP therapy and laser therapy on our female patients. If you would like to learn more about how to reverse your hair loss, give us a call today.