scalp micro pigmentation

The Aesthetic Benefits of Micropigmentation

There are tremendous aesthetic benefits to micropigmentation, only a few of which we will go over in this blog. A growing number of working-class professionals are facing hair related problems like a receding hairline, excessive hair fall, thinning hair or…

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going bald

How to Know If You’re Balding

With the average shedding patterns of both men and women being around 100 follicles lost a day, it’s important for everyone, young and old, to know what to look for regarding hair loss. Knowing whether you are losing a little…

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Signs of a Bad Hair Transplant Practice

Hair loss has been a common concern for many individuals, especially those who are victims of a fast paced, hectic and stressful lifestyle. The most common hair loss issues, from thinning of hair shafts to androgenic alopecia (pattern baldness) can…

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hair transplant 2019

Hair Transplants in 2019

In just the last decade or so, advancements in medical technology and medical management have reached incredible levels. Better prophylactic treatments responding to cancer, diabetes and endometriosis have been accomplished in 2018, for example. More and more individuals today are…

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eyebrow transplant

The Truth Behind Eyebrow Transplants

“I felt completely naked without my penciled brows,” explains Ashley Wilkins, “which made life very difficult. I tried brow-growth serums, Rogaine, hair pills — anything I could think of. Nothing worked. I finally decided that getting a brow transplant was…

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A Short Guide to Hair Loss for Men in Their 20s

If you’re in your 20s and your hairline is starting to recede, the most likely culprit is something called androgenic alopecia, better known as male pattern baldness. But don’t panic. You are not alone! Male pattern baldness is the most…

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Male pattern baldness

When Hair Transplants Go Wrong

Hair transplantation can be a spectacular procedure that rejuvenates and beautifies a person’s hairline. The classic FUE and FUT hair transplant methods can leave patients with a thick and natural looking head of hair. Producing such great aesthetic outcomes, however,…

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Read before you get a hair transplant

Read This Before You Have a Hair Transplant

We have more hair transplant clinics today in 2018 than we have ever had before. Yet, modern hair transplant patients are receiving some of the worst results the industry has ever seen. We don’t need to remind you that quantity…

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Hair loss in women

Hair Loss in Women

Hair loss and hair shedding in women is a much more common phenomenon than public discourse on the issue lets on. Recent research tells us that approximately twenty-five million women suffer from hair loss in the United States alone. Even…

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