FUE hair transplant permanent

Are FUE Hair Transplants Permanent?

Permanent Hair Loss Does Not Need to Be Permanent Before diving into how you can make your hair loss procedure maximally effective, let us say emphatically at the outset that FUE hair transplants are virtually permanent and one of the…

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Male pattern baldness

Choosing the Right FUE Hair Transplant Surgeon

The internet is an unparalleled resource for checking surgical reputations and verifying medical truth claims. Medical practices the world over have recognized this shift in patient knowledge capabilities and sought to give the public unfiltered access to their purported talents,…

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hair transplant orange county

Are FUE Procedures Safe? It Depends on Your Doctor

The problem with online research and online hair ‘experts’ is how often misleading and false their information is. Many hair restoration practices will wax knowledgeable about the who, what, and where of proper hair transplant procedures, often urging you to…

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hair transplant

The History of Hair Transplants

Even though the common belief is that the world of hair restoration began in the Unites States, it didn’t. The roots of modern day surgical hair restoration were actually cultivated in Japan in the late 1930’s. It was in 1939…

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Keep Your Locks Looking Lux this Summer

It is well known that the sun damages our skin, but does it damage our hair as well? Scientific research says yes. Further, chlorine and saltwater will also take a toll on our luscious locks we work so hard to…

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3 Ways to Deal with a Hair Transplant at Work

Undergoing a hair transplant procedure can be nerve-racking and even daunting for some patients. While most men and women who undergo a hair restoration surgery with a world-renowned hair transplant surgeon alike Dr. Yazdan are very happy once their results grow…

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Can Wearing Hats Cause Hair Loss?

Is there any truth to the old wives’ tale that says wearing hats can subsequently lead to hair loss? Maybe the rigmarole stemmed from so many balding men that used to wear hats to cover up their hair loss or…

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The “Art” of Hair Restoration

It’s paramount to keep in mind that hair restoration is a medical ‘art.’ Medical art combines medical knowledge, mastery of advanced surgical skills and techniques as well as a keen eye enabling the accurate reproduction of what occurs naturally. Unfortunately,…

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Reasons You’re Prematurely Graying

Salt and Pepper, Silver, Pewter, Charcoal – call it what you want to call it, but gray hair is gray hair! If you’ve come early to the graying game, you may blame genetics… This happens to be one of the…

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