Case Study – Botched Hair Transplant Repaired By Dr. Yazdan

Patient was young male experiencing hair loss.  He went to an “experienced surgeon” wh

Case Study – 1582 FUE Hair Grafts – Diffuse Hair Loss

Patient was experiencing diffuse hair loss throughout the top. At age 40 he had been using Rogaine f

Case Study – 1810 FUE Hair Grafts

The patient was a 39 year old male with Norwood Class 3 frontal hair loss. His hair line had been re

Case Study – 1568 FUE Hair Grafts

31 year old male with blonde hair. He was losing hair for the past 5 years and was very self conscio

Patient Profile – 3,800 Grafts – 1 Hair Transplant Session

This 42 year old male came to our Ocean County, Ca offices with Norwood Class IV hair loss. He had b

2500 FUE Hair Transplant Grafts – 6 Month Follow Up

This is a before and 6 month after 2500 FUE hair grafts were performed in one session by Dr. Yazdan

Poor Donor Closure – Corrected

For many hair transplant patients, traditional FUT using strip excision is still the best method to

Female Hair Transplant – Post Menopause

This female patient was 50 years old and had some frontal hair loss after menopause. She was upset h

Hair Transplant Repair with Beard & Chest Hair

The before and after photos are of a 58 Year old male from Hawaii.  The patient came to Dr. Yazdan&

Recent FUE Hair Transplant Results – Case Studies

The first hair transplant patient was a 31 year old male with blonde hair. He was losing hair for

Case Study – Eyebrow Hair Restoration

Female patient had damaged her eyebrows from tears of plucking. 8 years prior she had her eyebrows t