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Case Study – Botched Strip Scar Repaired by FUE

Patient had Strip/FUT hair transplant surgery by a doctor who claimed to be an experienced hair restoration surgeon. During the surgery, the patient reported feeling excruciating pain during each graft punch. The doctor told him not to worry. As the surgery was coming to a close and the doctor and technicians were sewing his scalp back together, the patient remembers feeling pain as they tugged and pulled at the skin in an attempt to get it sewn back together.

The resulting scar is a classic look of a botched FUT/Strip hair transplant surgery. The doctor took out too much scalp tissue to extract grafts from. So, when it was time to sew the scalp back together, there wasn’t enough scalp tissue to create a nice, even, seamless look. Additionally, the tool used to extract grafts was much too large, leaving the circular mass scars you see below. The scars left behind by this “experienced” surgeon were full of lumpy masses of scar tissue with a wide area of hair loss.

The patient came to Dr. Yazdan at Modena Hair center seeking a scar repair procedure to conceal the botched scar. Dr. Yazdan assessed the scalp and the existing damage caused by the previous botched surgery. After evaluating all of their options, Dr. Yazdan and the patient agreed an FUE hair transplantation into the scar would yield the best results. The patient now has hair coverage on the scar tissue area, eliminating the hair loss in that area and creating a fuller more natural hair appearance across the scalp.

Don’t let this be you! While hair restoration surgery is minimally invasive, it is still a medical surgery. That means your surgeon needs to be qualified and experienced. Do not hesitate to research and ask questions. A good hair transplant surgeon will take the time to walk you through the process and share their results with you. If you’d like to learn more about scar repair options, give us a call.