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Should you use a colored toning shampoo?

Anyone who’s colored their hair has witnessed first-hand the color change that occurs over time. You know how it goes, you leave the salon with your new color feeling amazing. Your hair is bright, dimensional, and perfect. Over the next few weeks your hair begins to change color. It might get brassy, show yellow or red hues, and dull. This can be due to washing, the environment, style tools, or the chemistry of your hair (fine, wavy hair loses color faster).
If this has happened to you, you may want to jump on the color shampoo train. Colored shampoos are shampoos that contain ingredients meant to counteract color change in dyed hair.  The idea is to keep your hair looking as true-to-color as possible until your next hair coloring or toning appointment.
Colored shampoo comes in a few different options. Most popular is silver, blue, and purple. When you wash your hair with colored shampoo, the pigment is actually deposited into your hair. These colors counteract the colors you don’t want, keeping it true to your dyed color.
Colored shampoo is beneficial to blondes, graceful greys, redheads, and even brunettes. The tone-cancelling goodness may not be as evident in darker-tones but it’ll still prevent unwanted colors from peeking through.
If you aren’t sure which color shampoo is best for you, ask your hair stylist at your next appointment. They’ll be able to determine which color will best counteract the tones your hair is prone to turning.