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How to prevent chlorine from damaging your hair

As the summer season approaches, many people find themselves spending more time in the pool to cool off. While swimming is fun, family-friendly, and a great work-out, it’s no secret it wreaks havoc on your hair.
This havoc is caused by the chlorine in the water. Chlorine is a chemical used to kill bacteria in the pool, keeping it clean and safe for use. Unfortunately, a side effect is that the harsh chemical irritates our skin, eyes, hair, and even clothes.
Chlorine harms your hair by stripping the natural oils from it which act as a protective barrier. This in turn causes hair to become dry and brittle.
Enduring a hot summer without the relief of a pool is not the life any of us want to live. So, what can you do to protect your hair from the damage cause by chlorine? Below is a list of easy ways to maintain your hair’s health while also enjoying your pool day.

  • Apply hair product prior to taking a dip in the pool. Coating your locks with an oil-based product will not only add shine but will also hydrate your thirsty hair. More oil on the air means more protectant from the harmful chlorine.
  • Rinse hair in the shower prior to swimming. Your hair can only absorb so much water (similar to a sponge). If your hair is wet prior to entering the pool, it will absorb less chlorine-filled pool water. This in turn means less damage.
  • Apply a protective cap. While swim caps aren’t the most stylish of pool-side swimwear, they do offer protection.
  • Try a specialty shampoo post-pool. Thanks to some crafty hair-care companies, there are now shampoos that can help rid your hair of chlorine deposits that like to stick around.