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When was the last time you saw your doctor?

When was the last time you went to the doctor’s office? If you’re male, middle-aged, and don’t have any pressing health concerns, it probably hasn’t been anytime recently.
Many individuals (particularly middle-aged men) don’t see their doctor regularly. They figure if there’s nothing wrong, why go?
The problem with this logic is that preventative care is the single most beneficial way to prevent more serious health concerns. Preventative care includes yearly physicals, vaccines, and relevant exams and screenings based on age and history. While there may not be any pressing medical concerns for you at the moment, the best way to prevent pressing medical concerns from occurring is to visit your doctor regularly.
Preventative visits catch things that may have not raised a red flag for the individual. For example, hair loss may not seem like a doctor visit-worthy concern, but it can be indicative of the onset symptoms of certain medical conditions or side effects of medications. Hopefully, these things do not yield bad news, but you won’t know if you don’t go.
Doctors suggest you visit your doctor’s office yearly for a comprehensive physical exam, even if you’re in good health. At this visit, s/he will take vital signs to ensure you’re in good immediate health, offer any relevant vaccinations to prevent illness, and schedule any exams you may need based on your age and history, such as a breast cancer or colon cancer screening.
If you’re a healthy individual who doesn’t usually visit your doctor regularly, make sure you’re taking every preventative measure available to you to ensure you stay in good health.