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Should you consider an eyebrow hair transplant?

Hair transplants aren’t just for your scalp. Many individuals get hair transplants for facial hair help as well. Mustache, beard, and eyebrow hair transplants have increased dramatically over the past ten years, also doubling in occurrence.
Facial hair transplants are very similar to scalp hair transplants. Hair follicles are extracted from a healthy donor area (often times the back of the scalp) and placed in an area lacking hair.
While both men and women get eyebrow hair transplants, the majority of patients are women. This is likely due to beauty trends placing a high amount of emphasis on brows. Women have been seeking ways to give themselves full, shapely brows in a more permanent way than temporary and smear-prone make up.
Eyebrow hair transplants are a great, permanent option for those seeking to have natural, full, shapely brows. While there are other options for eyebrows available, they have their downfalls.
Permanent eyebrow tattoos often look black. Once they heal, they turn a gray-green color and lack the natural feel of eyebrow hairs. Eyebrow tattoos have been becoming decreasingly popular due to the unimpressive results both short and long term.
Microblading involves pigment applied to the skin in ‘hair-like’ strokes. While they look natural and shapely, they are not permanent and will need to be redone yearly.
Eyebrow transplants are not only permanent but are your actual hairs being transplanted. But, eyebrow transplants are not without their downfalls. If done improperly by an unskilled surgeon, you can end up with some pretty whacky brows. Eyebrows must follow a distinct angle in which they grow in, as well as a particular face-fitting shape and density. If the angle, shape, or density is messed up, you could be left with permanent undesirable brows.
Here at Modena, we stress the importance of researching thoroughly prior to picking a surgeon. If you’d like to find out more about this procedure, give us a call today!