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5 fall style trends men should know about

It’s that time of year again – colder weather (unless you live in southern California), changing scenery, pumpkin-flavored everything, and new style trends. While it can be hard to keep up with the latest fashion trends, we’ve made it a bit easier for you by compiling a handy list of the hottest and easiest fall trends to track this year. You killed it in the summer, now bring your fashion into the fall.
Jackets. Quilted jackets are warm and fashionable. They come in many styles, bombers, motos, and blazers, and can be dressed up or down. These jackets will take you from the office to a night out effortlessly. Opt for a classy solid color (like black) or a two-tone for more attitude.
Fur. Hear us out: its warm and tough (Game of Thrones anyone?) and best in small doses. Incorporate some fur this season by adding a fur collar or scarf to your outfit. You’ll be different, trendy, and an instant statement-maker.
Graphic knits. The ugly Christmas-sweater trend has morphed into the graphic knit. Which is better because now you can wear your pun-ny, comfy sweater all season long. They’re a great conversation-starter and can be dressed up (add a collared shirt underneath) or down (pair with jeans and boots).
Funner suits. The suit is timeless, classic, and a necessity. But suit trends definitely change with the seasons. This year, people are favoring more adventurous colors, patterns, and cuts. If you’re worried about going overboard, dip a toe in the water first by incorporating subtle patterns and colors (like a low-key slim-line plaid print or a warm burgundy-black).
Turtlenecks. That’s right, neck sweaters are back. But this time, they’re more sophisticated and less-grandpa-y. The cowl-neck is a big hit, with more material and a looser neck.
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