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How to survive the awkward stages of growing out your hair

The in-between stages of hair growth when transitioning from a shorter to longer hair style can be extremely awkward and unpleasant.
You may have to hold off on the regular trims in order to allow the hair to gain some length, which often equates to uneven layers and lack of shape. None of this sounds very appealing, and may even be enough to turn someone off of growing out their hair altogether.
Thankfully, there are some proven tips and tricks to help you navigate the awkward stages gracefully, so you can arrive at your long-haired destination once and for all.
Tip #1 – products are your best friend
If your hair isn’t falling the way you’d like it to naturally, force it your way with styling paste or hairspray. You can smooth hair, style it, add volume, texture, and change the direction all by utilizing hair care products. The products will also help tame frizz and flyaways that sometimes go awry during growing out your hair.
Tip #2 – try strategic trims
Strategically focused trims can help your hair retain some sense of style. Trimming around the edges of the cut or in the back give you a put together look without compromising the desired length you’re trying to achieve.
Make sure to communicate with your hair stylist and let them know your hair goals. Together, you can come up with a plan on how best to transition to the next stage, while still looking your best too.
Tip #3 – worst case, hats are never out of style
While throwing on a hat may not be the best or most versatile hair styling option, it works to get you through the tough days when your hair just isn’t cooperating. You just have to hold out long enough. It’ll be worth it in the end!