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The best men’s haircuts for hair loss

Suffering from hair loss but not yet ready for a hair transplant? Hold yourself over with one of these hair loss-concealing cuts and styles.
The following cuts and styles are recommended by leading LA hair stylists who are skilled professionals in helping their hair thinning patients stretch their hair coverage.
The crew cut
This cut is great for hiding receding hairlines. A proper crew cut will be short in the back with a bit more length in the front. The back should blend nicely towards the front. The longer length in the front will give the appearance of fuller, thicker hair.
Style this cut by creating a side part. You can use a gel or pomade to sweep the hair to one side. If the gel isn’t cutting it, try a blow dryer and hairspray.
The slick back
This cut is ideal for concealing crown balding. The top should be long with short sides. The long hair on top will work to hide the crown balding while the short sides keep the cut looking fresh and clean.
To style this cut, use gel or pomade on wet hair. Use fingers and wide brush to sweep hair back. Using the blow dryer will help add volume. To keep the look going all night, finish with hair spray.
The textured spiky top
This cut has definitely been updated from its former 90’s and early 2000’s glory days. Rather than loads of gel and pointy spikes, we’re going for a textured, multi-dimensional look that hides thinning in the front and middle.
Styling hair up will create height, while layers add texture. Together, this conceals thinning and hair loss.
Get creative when styling this cut. Sea salt spray will help distinguish the texture when applied to wet hair. As hair dries, it will have a textured full look.
The buzzcut
This cut is great for anyone who’s balding. Just ask for a #2 clipper shave and wa-la. Bonus – it’s so easy to style and take care of.
Haircuts just not cutting it anymore? Give us a call for a no-obligation hair transplant consultation.