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How your diet effects hair loss

With summer approaching, it seems everyone is on some type of diet. Whether its highly restrictive or just making healthier choices, dieting is an extremely common human experience.
We tend to think of dieting as always being healthy. Many individuals incorporate a healthy weight in their overall health and wellness journey.
But is it possible your diet is causing your hair loss?
Hair growth is a lengthy process that requires a ‘just right’ environment along the way. Regulation of proper nutrients and hormone levels are necessary to have healthy growing hair.
Highly restrictive diets that consist of eliminating whole food groups or cutting calories to a dangerous level, mean our bodies aren’t getting the full range of nutrients or energy needed.
When our bodies aren’t being nourished properly, they’re forced to cut down and allocate in order to preserve energy and fuel. This means they have to pick and choose which body processes they’re going to provide energy and nutrients for.
Since hair growth is a non-essential body process, it is often the first one to get neglected. After all, proper organ function is much more important to sustaining life than hair growth.
Unfortunately, this means that hair loss can be a side effect of restrictive dieting. While highly restrictive diets may be great for weight loss, they’re not great for our bodies long term. Hair loss is just one of the many possible side effects of extreme dieting. Loose skin, muscle weakness, fatigue, loss of concentration, trouble sleeping, headaches, and irritability are just some of the many effects of this style of dieting.
Remember that a healthy diet should always incorporate a healthy amount of each macro-nutrient. This means protein, carbohydrates, and fats should be present in your meals. Being properly nourished is essential to healthy hair growth, overall wellness, and yes – even weight loss.
If you think your hair loss may be caused by an extreme diet, consider switching to a healthier nutrition plan that incorporates an appropriate calorie level and all macro-nutrients. Your body and hair will thank you when you notice you feel better, look better, and your hair has begun growing again.