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Do you have folliculitis hair loss?

Folliculitis is a common skin condition that can affect any hair follicle on the body. Folliculitis involves a hair follicle becoming infected and inflamed. The infection can be caused by a bacteria or fungus.
Individuals who have folliculitis will notice small red bumps or pimples (sometimes with white-heads) that will appear around and near the affected hair follicles. If left untreated, the infection can spread and cause sores.
As previously stated, folliculitis can occur anywhere on the body with hair. This includes the scalp. When folliculitis occurs on the scalp, it can cause a serious infection as well as permanent hair loss.
It has been noted that non-infectious folliculitis can occur on the scalp due to the build-up of excess oils and sebum on the scalp. While an infection may not currently be present, the symptoms may still be present and hair loss is still a risk.
Folliculitis on the scalp can be slightly harder to detect than on the body, due to hair coverage. Patients with folliculitis often mention itchiness and soreness of the scalp as additional symptoms.
The treatment for folliculitis is usually a topical antibiotic ointment. For more serious cases, an oral antibiotic may be required.
To prevent folliculitis and promote a healthy scalp and hair, wash hair regularly with a gentle, organic shampoo. Anti-dandruff shampoos contain anti-fungal properties and may be beneficial to some. Maintaining good hygiene habits such as showering after sweating, changing out razors often, and staying hydrated will help ward off folliculitis and potential infections.
If you think you may have folliculitis on the scalp or elsewhere, you should make an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible. If you think your hair loss may be caused by folliculitis and you would like to explore treatment options, give us a call for a consultation.