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Is sweat harmful to your hair?

Sweating is a common human experience we all go through. While some of us sweat more than others naturally, everyone can relate to sweating at one point or another.
Through work outs, heat, anxiety, or illness, our bodies sweat. Sweating is a natural body process that often occurs when our core body temperature rises to above normal levels. Sweating is a mechanism our bodies use to cool us and rid our body of toxins. It can also occur during times of heightened emotion because sweat glands are effected by emotions.
For those that sweat a lot, due to nature or their love for working out or working hard, sweaty hair is par for the course. Many sweaty-hair individuals may be wondering if sweat is bad for their hair.
Some harmful effects of sweat are due to irritation and sebum. Sweat on the scalp can cause irritation and itchiness. Sebum build-up can cause hair loss overtime, as well as the ‘shiny head’ syndrome.
The most harmful effect of sweat has to do with DHT. It turns out the sweat contains DHT. DHT is converted testosterone that binds to hair follicles and prevents hair growth. In other words, DHT causes hair loss. While DHT is found primarily in our blood, it can also be found in sebum and sweat.
Because of the damage caused by DHT, its believed to be best to limit the amount of time DHT is on the scalp and hair follicles, in hopes of preventing the DHT from bonding with the hair follicles and causing hair loss.
This is why its important to wash hair regularly, particularly after a sweaty session. Washing hair will cleanse the scalp of sweat and sebum, leaving the scalp healthy and DHT free. You can read more on hair washing here.
If you are experiencing hair loss and believe it may be in part due to DHT-containing sweat or sebum, give us a call today for a consultation.