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Hair loss across ethnicities

While many things play a role in hair loss, such as, age, gender, and genetics, many wonder if their ethnicity or race plays a role.
The answer is yes. Researchers classify hair into 3 major groups: Asian hair, African hair, and Caucasian hair. Among the 3 hair groups, there are different growth patterns, balding patterns, density, and speed of growth.
In general, those with Asian hair tend to have hair that grows quickly but has a lower density coverage overall. The hairs are typically flat and perpendicular to the scalp. Those with African hair tend to have hair that grows slowly but has a higher density. They also have hairs that twist as they grow, which can play a role in the efficacy of hair transplantation. Those with Caucasian hair tend to have hair that grows a medium rate with a high density coverage. It typically comes in slightly curved. As far as hair loss trends go, Caucasian hair is the most effected, followed by African and Asian.
Being informed about the types and traits of hair can inform about hair loss and hair loss treatments. As stated earlier, the twisty hair often present in African hair can make treatments such as hair transplantation difficult. This doesn’t mean those with African hair are not candidates for hair transplantation, but this will definitely play a role in the planning and execution of the procedure.
Research has shown that hair loss is most prevalent in Spain, Germany, France, the UK and the US. Hair loss was tracked as thinning, balding, and receding hairlines.
An experienced hair restoration doctor will be skilled in the specific hair loss treatments that are likely to be most effect for your type of hair. Further, they will have the skill set to make your hair transplant successful for you.
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