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Do thickening shampoos actually work?

Anyone who’s strolled down the hair care aisle has been bombarded with all of the claims to solve all of your hair woes. How do you know which to choose?
Strengthen your hair; repair split ends; thicken and plump hair; grow hair; soften and add shine; enhance color; rehydrate; the claims are never ending!
While all of these claims sound great, if they don’t actually work, they’re pretty pointless.
The first way to determine if the product’s claim is viable, is to use common sense. Let’s take shampoos and conditioners that claim to repair split ends, for example. Split ends occur when the hair shaft separates due to damage and breakage. While there are ways to prevent split ends (regular trims, keeping ends moisturized) there is no way to stick the hair shaft back together. So, save your money here and invest in a good moisturizing conditioner and regular trims instead.
The second way to determine if it’s a worthy product, is to assess the quality. While it’s not always true in life that you get what you pay for, when it comes to hair care products, it generally is. If a product is actually able to restore luster, strengthen hair at the core, and replenish moisture, they’ve most likely got their hands on a great combination of high-quality ingredients. And if they’ve found the winning combination, they’re unlikely to give it away without making the profit they know they can. So, if you need high grade replenishment, invest in a brand that is tried and true, has a league of followers, and has high quality ingredients.
In the end, the best way to determine the efficacy of a product is to try it out. A thickening wash may work on one individual well and not at all on another. When in doubt – ask your stylist’s recommendation. They know your hair and they know their products.