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Is hair shedding a sign of hair loss?

Most individuals experience some degree of hair shedding throughout their lives. While every individual experiences a different amount of shed hair each day, it is common for anywhere from 1-100 hairs to be shed per day.
While some shedding is normal and can be a normal part of the hair growth cycle, it can also be an early sign of hair loss.
In order to determine if the shedding is normal or a sign of hair loss, it would need to be determined if the shedding is outside the normal range of shedding you personally experience. Since everyone is different and loses a different amount of hair each day, there isn’t a set number to determine hair loss.
Many things can cause hair to shed. Medications, stress, and underlying medical conditions, and early signs of hair loss are all common possibilities. You should meet with an experienced and certified hair restoration surgeon to determine the cause of the shedding.
Once any underlying medical conditions have been ruled out and the cause is determined, you can begin the process of protecting and maintaining your hair. Dr. Yazdan believes the best way to fight off hair loss is to be as proactive as possible.
If you are beginning to see early signs of hair loss, now is the perfect time to start managing it. There are many treatments available for hair loss maintenance such as medication, topical products, and even PRP and laser therapy.
Here at Modena, we specialize in the medical management of hair loss. During a medical management consultation we can help you determine the best course of action to stop your hair loss in its tracks and even reverse it. Give us a call today.