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Forehead reduction surgery vs. hair transplant surgery

We all have something that negatively effects our self-esteem and causes us to feel self-conscious. For some, hair loss, scars, a large nose, or a large forehead may be the source of blame.
Cosmetic surgery has sought to resolve some of these sources of self-consciousness. Hair transplants can eliminate baldness, lasers can lighten scars, rhinoplasty can fix your nose, and forehead reduction surgery can make your forehead smaller.
Unfortunately, some of these procedures are not without their complications. We are often asked what the best course of treatment is for a large forehead or a set back hairline. The answer is best determined by not only determining the cause of the enlarged forehead, but also weighing the pros and cons of the treatment options.
More often than not, when people are referring to the size of their forehead, they also mention their hairline. They often say that their forehead has gotten larger over the years, and that their hairline used to be more forward. This is not a case of a naturally large forehead, rather it’s a case of receding hairline hair loss. If you have a receding hairline, and are looking to restore your forehead and hairline to more natural and youthful proportions, you should be looking at hair transplant surgery over forehead reduction surgery.
If you have had a naturally large forehead or naturally set back hairline your entire life, you can still look into hair transplant surgery as a solution. Just because your genetics have programmed your hairline to start farther back, does not mean it must remain that way forever. Hair transplants can be a great tool in allowing people to achieve a more youthful hairline, even if they never had one to begin with.
If you are not a candidate for hair transplant in either scenario, and find yourself looking into forehead reduction surgery as an alternative option, we urge caution. Forehead reduction surgeries are often plagued with complications such as visible scarring and nerve damage which cannot be reversed. As with any cosmetic procedure, make sure to ask your provider lots of questions and request before and after photos to evaluate realistic results.
If you’d like to find out more about hair transplants for hair line lowering, give us a call today.