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A glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away

You’ve heard the rumors before – wine is good for you. But is this really true? New scientific research proves it is. Below we list some of our favorite benefits of the beverage of our ancestors.
Promotes longevity. When compared to drinkers of beer and liquor, wine drinkers have a significantly lower mortality rate of about 30%.
Promotes heart health. Those who indulge moderately and suffer from high blood pressure are significantly less likely to suffer a heart attack than their nondrinking counterparts. Additionally, wine contains procyanidins which protect the heart from disease.
Reduces risk of Type II diabetes. Wine drinkers have a significantly lower risk of developing diabetes than their nondrinking counterparts.
Reduces risk of stroke. Moderate drinkers have a 50% less chance of stroke than nondrinkers. The risk of suffering a blood-clot is reduced significantly.
Reduces risk of colon cancer. Red wine in particular has been shown to cut the risk of colon cancer by almost half.
Promotes brain health. As we age, decline in brain function is inevitable. But studies have shown that brain function declines faster in those who don’t indulge in a drink than those who do.
Reduces risk of cataracts. Those who drink wine are less likely to develop cataracts than other drinkers, and both groups are significantly less likely than nondrinkers.
If you are considering drinking wine to improve your health benefits, make sure you stick to 1-2 glasses at a time. The key to these health benefits is wine in moderation.
The science behind why wine has so many health benefits is not yet fully understood. Researchers are continuing their studies to try and discover the why behind the wine.