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Is slug slime the new surgical adhesive?

Scientists have made a break-through discovery in the field of medical surgery this week and it has to do with slugs.
Scientists found that a certain species of slug known as the ‘Dusky Arion’ secretes a slime that is more than triple the strength of the highest medical grade adhesive currently on the market.
The powerful slug slime is secreted by the slug as a defense mechanism. Harvesting the defensive slime could have great medical impact.
Current medical adhesives have their draw backs. They aren’t the best when used on damp surfaces. They also can fall behind on performance when it comes to shock-absorption. Additionally, breathability, which lends itself to proper and fast healing, is sometimes impacted by current adhesives.
Refined slug slime solves these surgical suture problems. The slime has no trouble keeping damp surfaces stuck together, and shock impact is no match for the slime’s absorption powers. Additionally, it’s as breathable as they come.
What are the implications of slug slime in current medical procedures?
More research still needs to be done, but current trials look promising. Scientists tried out the slime on a piggy with a hole in its heart. And the piggy is happy and healthy.
If all goes as planned, slug slime could be the new surgical stitch or adhesive in the medical place. Who knows… we might even see slug slime in the hair transplant operating room in the near future.