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Do FUE hair transplant mega-sessions work?

Recently there has been a trend in hair transplant centers offering FUE mega-sessions. FUE mega-sessions consist of offering 4,000+ grafts extracted and placed in one sitting.
This is much more than the typical 1,000-3,500 grafts that are usually extracted and placed in a typical FUE procedure.
Many individuals assume the more grafts extracted and placed, the better. But more does not always equal better, as is the case with FUE hair transplants.
With a higher number of grafts extracted in one sitting, the risks of shock loss, scarring, and low-graft survival rate increase. In another article, I break down how each of these risks is increased by an FUE mega-session.
Obviously, increased hair loss, scarring, and minimal graft survival are not desirable hair transplant results. The likelihood of good results with a mega-session just doesn’t outweigh the likelihood of bad results.
So how do we achieve high graft hair transplants for those patients who need it without doing a mega-session?
When a high number of grafts are needed to achieve the desired density and fullness the patient wants in their hair, it is often better to utilize multiple surgeries over time. This allows the scalp to heal and newly transplanted follicles to grow naturally and fully.
This in turn yields better results over time, as shock loss is reduced, scarring is minimal to non-existent, and graft survival rate is high.  You are much more likely to see the full results of a high graft FUE hair transplant if the surgery is split up.
Something else to keep in mind when evaluating FUE mega-sessions is the honesty and transparency that may be lacking in surgeons offering these procedures. I recently met with a patient who had a quote from a hair transplant surgeon for a 10,000 graft FUE mega-session. This graft count is clearly inflated. It is frankly not possible to extract 10,000 grafts in one sitting, let alone produce a successful hair transplant. This surgeon is banking on the lack of education in his potential patients.
Your best defense in avoiding scams and botched surgeries like these is to do your research.  Make sure your surgeon is a U.S. medical doctor, you’ve read reviews and evaluated before and after pictures, and they are certified by the ISHRS with many years of experience.
If you’d like to learn more about the FUE method of hair transplantation and get a graft and price quote for your specific hair needs, give us a call for a free consultation today.